May 13, 2017

2017 Dance Recital June 2nd

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Click on the tabs to the side to view more information and descriptions on the dance classes we offer. Each class is instructed in a professional manner to ensure growth in dance technique and stage confidence. Main Stage Dance keeps reasonable class sizes to provide better individual care so that each student is given an opportunity to succeed within our program. Main Stage Dance works at a respectful pace so that each dancer is able to master their own skills. Each class begins with a warm up and stretching time to reduce the risk of injury while teaching the students how to stretch for preventative measures at home. Dance classes end with a "cool down" to allow students to relax and reflect over the lessons learned that day. Words of encouragment to motivate our students to persist in their own abilities and to feel a sense of accomplishment after putting in hard work are also given throughout each class. Every dance class also highlights the importance of being respectful to other students and the instructor. Main Stage also teaches on the importance of being good audience members, building quality friendships, and using positive words to build up each class. We find that when each student within a class is working respectfully with one another, the class improves individually and corporatly and this shows as the students perform in their Spring Recital. 




Main Stage Dance offers private dance lessons for individuals looking to further their dance skills. This is offered to any student and the scheduling will be worked out between Miss the dance instructor and the student. Private lessons will be held at the Main Stage Dance studio room. 

Private lessons consist on a focus on the individual’s technique along with other skills. The sessions are either 30 minutes or an hour, and price will vary according to the length of the session. The current prices for private lessons at Main Stage Dance are as follows:





30 minutes

$30 per lesson

1 hour

$60 per lesson